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Why Chaplaincy?

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Chaplaincy Training Could Launch You Towards Your Ministry Goals

  • Earning seminary or college credit, or a religious denomination’s pre-requisite for ordination through a nationally recognized organization

  • Professional continuing education requirements

  • Clinical pastoral education requirements for certification as a professional chaplain or a CPE supervisor

  • To help laypersons clarify vocational interest and calling regarding ministry

  • To strengthen and improve on awareness and skills in providing spiritual care

  • To gain a better sense of personal and pastoral identity

  • To provide qualified graduates the opportunity to earn income working as a staff chaplain or contract chaplains with local organizations such as hospitals, hospice, prisons, nursing homes and the marketplace

Why You Need Training

If you desire to expand your ministry work into the professional workplace such as: Healthcare providers (hospitals, hospice centers, psychiatric wards), prisons or correction agencies, the military, police and fire departments, business, or other clinical field settings, then you will need to pursue the process of becoming a certified chaplain.

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(Clinical Pastoral Education)

Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) is a unique interfaith experience, open to people of all faith backgrounds. We offer CPE to spiritual professionals and theological students seeking professional growth and development in clinical pastoral settings. CPE students learn through action-reflection instructional methods and supervised practice in real-world settings to provide pastoral services to persons in crisis.
Students have the option of taking 100% of each training unit via interactive distance learning (IDL) or via hybrid learning which blends both on-site and interactive distance learning modules.

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